Document Data Services

Our main focus is to help smaller publishers of science, technical and medical journals get fully integrated in Crossref and maintain their journals' webpages.

Digitization services

How does it work?

Send us final PDFs and source data of your articles (inDesign, Word, etc.).
We will take care of the rest.

We will automatically:

  • generate your journal's webpage
  • extract metadata for Content registration in Crossref
  • activate services like Reference Linking, Cited-by, Funder Registry, Crossmark, etc.
  • send metadata to the other databases like PubMed, Agricola, EBSCO
  • update your webpage when new metadata are available in Crossref

Do you have PDFs available only? We can extract metadata from PDFs only too and do everything as mentioned above.

And what about old archive articles available only in paper form? No problem. We have more than 10 years of experience in converting paper documents to digitized archives.

Our customers

Online versions of these journals were created and are maintained by our company. Together with online production, DDS arrange XML coding of the corresponding metadata for these journals and their participation in Crossref project.

Digitised backfile content published during the first 35 years was created by DDS. It covers scanning and converting of more than 50 000 pages.